TruRoots preserves its commitment to grains, beans and seeds with careful curation of its suppliers. All our farm sources harvest their crops using Certified USDA Organic standards and time-honored traditions. 

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Rooted in Honesty & Fairness

We require all our suppliers to conduct their business with the same high standards of honesty, fairness, and ethics that we apply to our own business. In addition to holding our suppliers to high-quality product standards, we continuously evaluate the risk of human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain. Throughout our supply chain, supporting sustainability efforts is also a priority. 

Food Certifications

Enjoy TruRoots with confidence

Our products have been cultivated with care and concern for community and our environment.

Supporting our Sources

TruRoots supports the people who grow our food. Since 2010, TruRoots has worked with the Foundation for the Development of Agricultural Technology in the Valleys (FTDA Valles), a non-profit, private organization and a leader in Bolivia’s agricultural sector, to support the sustainability efforts of indigenous farmers and communities.

Our introduction of new technologies and best practices to over 200 farmers in Bolivia saw yields double and farmers' incomes increase $1,600 on average.

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